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How Do I Add Statistics To My Website


To add statistics/analytics to your website:


1) Register for a Google Analytics Account


2) Sign in to your Google Analytics Account.


3) In the lower left corner of your web-browser, you will see a link that states "Add Website Profile". Click this link.


4) Within the section titled "Choose Website Profile Type" make sure that you have selected "Add a profile for a new domain". This is the default selection for this section, so you should be ok.


5) Within the section titled "Add a Profile for a new domain", be sure that "http://" is selected and fill in your MYCHOCOLATEOFFICE.COM website address. Ex: Replace YOURMXIID with your actual MXI Distributor Identification number. Ex: DO NOT PUT WWW IN THE URL.


6) Click the "Finish" button.


7) Within the section titled "Instructions for adding tracking", make sure that you have selected "New Tracking Code (ga.js)". This is the default selection, so you should be fine.


8) Put your mouse cursor in the code selection box just below the statement "Use this tracking code to gain...".


9) Right-click the code within the selection box and choose "Copy".


10) Open a new browser window or tab.


11) Go to and sign in to your account.


12) Click on the "Edit Profile" link to the right of the screen.


13) In the section titled "Website Statistics", put your mouse cursor into the box. Right-click and choose "Paste".


14) DO NOT modify this code provided by Google in any fashion.


15) Click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.


16) Congratulations, you have just added a very powerful statistics package to your website.

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